Number One in Tow & Recovery
Superior quality, rugged design and smart product innovation
Custom Applications & Solutions
Ramsey Winch offers a diverse skid mounted or direct mounted hoists, winches and accessories to meet the lifting, lowering, vehicle recovery or materials management needs of specialized applications.
Industrial Born, Off-Road Proven
Trusted for decades by those who seek out the toughest trails and the most demanding terrain
Mission Critical Applications
Whether it's for combat tactical vehicles or heavy trailers, our winches are there to help you recover your vehicle when timing is critical.
Wildcat Winches — rougher & tougher than the competition
The Ramsey Winch Wildcat™ Series was designed especially for the unforgiving conditions and demanding applications in the oilfield.
More Teeth Than a T-Rex!
(Probably stronger than one too.)
Meeting the Demands of Municipalities Nationwide
From front-mount bumper winches and capstans to aerial hoists or aerial capstan drives for material and tool handling in utility applications, Ramsey Winch has the right planetary or worm gear winch for the job.

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