HDP 35000

Pull: 35,000 Lbs / 15,876 Kg
Speed: 23.2 Ft/Min / 7.1 M/Min
Cable Capacity: 210 Ft / 64 M

• Rated Line pull 35,000 lbs
• Standard Drum
• Less weight– 150 lbs lighter than the competition
• Fast line speed– Up to 23.2 ft/min under full load
• Compact design– Optimizes space usage
• Negative draft clutch design– Ensures positive hold on load
• Internal air-shift free spool– Enables remote operations
• Low temperature shifting (Down to -40 F)– Allows for extreme cold weather operation
• High-efficiency gear set– Optimizes performance
• Pneumatic variable-pressure tensioner– Increases cable life and prevents bird-nesting– • • • • Reconfigurable on-the-fly to four positions
• Two speed motor (standard)– Single speed motor (optional)
• Bi-directional winch– Flexibility for over or under winding
• Recommended cable 3/4”
• Meets SAE J706
• Made in the USA


Rated Line Pull


Rated line pull is based on the first layer of cable.

Gear Ratio

Weight w/o Cable


Drum Size (L x F x B)

Cable Capacity

Recommend Cable Size

Hydraulic Pressure Required

Hydraulic Flow Required

Motor Size

Clutch Type

Clutch Control

Additional Information


• General Industrial
• Mining & Construction
• Railroad
• Towing & Recovery
• Towing & Recovery (Light Wrecker)
• Trailer


document  HDP35 Flyer

document  (HDP 35000 Owners Manual) 914260-090513-C

( Image may not be exact.)

Winches, capstans and hoists are not intended to be used for lifting or moving of persons.
The last 5 wraps of cable must be left on the drum to assist the cable clamp in holding the load.

The HDP 35,000 has been designed to save space but is still rich with features. The internal free spool clutch design assures positive clutch engagement and is sealed so it is protected from the environment. Cable tensioner and air bag system provide smooth free spooling.

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